Tłumiki Sportowe Ulter - Ulter Sport

The company was first established in 1986, specialising in the repairing and replacement of exhaust systems.  By 1990 operating under the name of ULTER, we moved into the area of producing, servicing and selling standard silencers for most car models. In 1992, because of a growing demand within the automotive market, we used our specialist expertise and started to produce sport silencers and tailpipes. We were instrumental in the development and introduction of new technologies, as well as the use of high-parameter materials. We pride ourselves on the fact that the final product met all the expectations of our customers, and as a result we were awarded with a certificate by “PiMOT”, the Automotive Industry Institute in Warsaw, which entitles us to mark our products with the “B” safety mark.

In 2001 the company was re-branded as ULTER-SPORT Ltd. with the primary objective of developing a sales network and building a modern plant which would meet the high standards and strict requirements of our clients from Western Europe and beyond.

In 2003 the new plant, which is equipped with technological facilities, was opened in Węgierska Górka, situated to the south of the historical city Żywiec, where we remain up to today.  And as a result of the high standards we set ourselves we have been able to conquer the markets of the European Union. 

In 2004 our plant received a certificate from the German TV CERT Saarland Institute, situated in Sulzbach, which allowed us to comply with the ISO 9001:2000 production standard. The plant also obtained a TuV CERT label and European Homologation, confirmed with tests that were performed by TUV SuD from Munich.  Using the vast experience that we have gained over the years in the accessories’ and spare parts’ market, at ULTER-SPORT we have actively been able to develop our production methods to suit the ever changing needs of the automotive industry in a dynamic way.  Nowadays we produce parts for many well-known car manufacturers in Poland and abroad. 

We are confident because of the high standards we aim to achieve at ULTER-SPORT, that even the most demanding of customers’ expectations will be met.  We therefore invite you to familiarise yourselves with our offers and look forward to doing business with you.















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