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There is a possibility to manufacture a silencer which would fit. In this case you should visit our service in Bystra near Bielsko-Biała or contact one of our partners in Poland. After giving your location we will direct you to the nearest service.
The main advantage of a dedicated silencer is that it is designed exactly for a specified car model. This means that the construction is a result of a series of calculations to specify capacity of the silencer can, a suitable cross-section of silencer's inlet pipes, and the form of the insert that has a key impact on a silencer’s noise level and on the ratio of counter-pressures. In this way future operation will be as comfortable as possible. Thanks to the fact that the outer structure of the silencer (fitted inlet tube and fixing hooks) is thoroughly worked out, it can be mounted in place of a standard silencer, just on the original fitting facility. The universal silencer is offered usually when a dedicated silencer is not available and specifically fitted to specifications of a particular car. Our universal silencers have optimal structures which enable them to match the most models of cars. However, it has to be taken into account that the universal silencer never achieves efficiency of a dedicated silencer and can generate some difficulties when installing on a car that would be avoided using a dedicated product. An essential difference between universal and dedicated silencers is that it may be difficult to receive an Official Certification document and to meet requirements of Certification directives related to the dedicated silencers that enable safe and problem-free driving through the whole Europe whilst a universal silencer cannot provide that in full.
The products are under guarantee for 24 months. The silencer, subject to its operational conditions, should maintain its operational parameters for at least 3 years. We have been informed by our customers that a number of our silences have lasted for five years and more. The working life depends mostly on way of operation, thus cars driven long distances in single rides (hence enabling for 'evaporation' of silencers) used to show longer working life of their exhaust systems than cars operated mostly in urban traffic.
Since the dedicated silencers meet noise standard requirements, they are recognised by a rather low noise level, a slight bass when reducing rotations (n/a for diesel engines). Regarding an universal silencer, all depends on its adjustment to the specific car model. Upon installation of a new silencer, improvement in power, dynamics and/or operation flexibility are usually noticed.
Thanks to a free-flow structure of the ULTER racing-type silencers, gas counter-pressure has been reduced from 35% to 85%, what provides an effective power improvement of 3% to 5% depending on a silencer structure. However, the crucial features are the engine model and performance, and/or the exhaust system structure.
Silencers are made of aluminium steel, whilst their inlets and/or outlets are made of stainless steel. The exception is the NRS series, where the whole silencer is made completely of stainless steel.
The exhaust end pipes may be divided into exhaust embellishers, mounting pipes, single or double tailpipes. The mounting pipe is fixed directly to the silencer bottom by welding. The single and double tailpipes are fastened by clamping rings or by welding on. They are furnished with pipe sockets of a shape adjusted to the outlet pipe diameter.
Most popular diameters are of 42 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 mm.
At present, the only document providing problem-free operation of a car is the European Official Certification document that our company gets at renowned test centres in Germany and/or Italy. We take pride in getting 'product conformity' certifications for all exhaust system ends and most of dedicated silencers manufactured by us. It is also important to note that the silencers meet the requirements stated in the Polish Journal of Law (Dziennik Ustaw) № 32, item 262, applied by the Polish inspection authorities, which define the admissible car noise limit to be 93 dB (petrol engines) and/or 96 dB (Diesel engines) and even if the homologation certificate is not available the ULTER-SPORT silencers meet the standards mentioned above allowing problem-free driving. However, it has to be taken into account that any interference with other components of the exhaust system (such as collectors, catalysts, and/or mid-silencers) results in expiration of Official Certification validity, and generates possibility that the noise requirements, as stated in the Journal of Law as above, are not met.
In new generation of cars where DPF/FAP filters are used, the exhaust system has very good sound suppresion. Changing only the rear exhaust will not affect the sound level.
That is why, users considering to buy our product for dieslel engine should expect only the visual change. (No or minor sound change when used with diesel engines)
Since our offer does not include racing-type systems, we can only offer modification of the system, to be completed at our Company Service Workshop at Bystra near Bielsko-Biała, phone 033 81-71-445. There, they are eager to provide you with any information required on the subject.
There is a possibility to order a silencer made of stainless steel. It depends on our technical capabilities. The price is subject to an individual agreement. Moreover, our Offer includes some dedicated products of the NRS series, and our salesmen are eager to provide our Customers with all respective details.
Since the legal regulations define clearly the noise limits of exhaust systems, and our Company offers an engine timbre aligned with to satisfy our customer expectations and ensuring the noise limit is not exceeded, we do not plan at the moment to offer such a solution because it does not assure problem-free operation and can generate some regrettable consequences for the user/driver.
COBRA 'K': Length up to 1100 mm
COBRA: Length up to 1400 mm
COBRA "D": Length 1400 mm plus.

The threshold silencer, called COBRA, is manufactured on a specific order, according to dimensions required by the customer, and taking the technical capacities into account. The diameter of a silencer can is usually 100 mm.
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